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Gold loan

Gold loan QA services

Fully managed

Monitor your gold loan services end-to-end with our gamut of offerings and tailor as you go along. With timely audits, reports and tools to give you clear & calibrated visibility on the QA results, your gold loan services will never be the same again.

Zero overhead of on-boarding assayers

Zero overhead

From identifying to hiring to training assayers. We manage it all through. Relieving you from the overheads of doing all these on your own.

No risk of engaging with blacklisted assayer

No blacklisted assayers

We carefully choose the assayers we engage with. With centrally maintained database of assayers and the ones that are blacklisted, there's no risk of a blacklisted assayer working on your job.

Strong audits. On time.

On time

Working with the biggest giants of the industry over a period of time, we've developed a highly efficient team that enables us to keep the promise of doing timely audits that make a difference and assure you sustainable quality business processes.

Insightful reporting of QA results

Insightful QA results

Our aim at Sumeru is to give you clear & calibrated visibility into QA results. Reports that make sense and help you understand what's working, what's not, and where to improve. Not just of gold, but end-to-end branch processes.

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What they've to say

"Assayers are having rich experience and are experts in valuating the ornaments."

T. Ashok Kumar
Axis Bank Ltd.
"Very coperative and provides flexible audit date."

Channel Partner, Bhiwani